Banks Township Planning Commission

Regular Meeting Agenda

September 12, 2017

6:00 p.m.

  1. Call to Order:

2. Roll/ Recognition of visitors:



Also present,

3. Approval of Minutes: August 8, 2017 Meeting

4. Public Hearings: None

5. Public comment on non-agenda items:

6. Response and comment from commissioners:

7. Reports:

Zoning board of Appeals:

Zoning Administrator:

Township Board representative:

Planning Consultant:

8. Old Business:

  1. Update on Short Term Rental guideline development – Steve

  2. Finding of Facts: Sand and Gravel Extraction Special Use Permit – Joni and Steve: Update on progress since August meeting

  3. Updates on Greenbelt and Telecommunication Towers ordinances

  4. Decision on Storage Container Ordinance

9. New Business/ announcements/correspondence:

a. Proposed Economy Efficiency Unit (Tiny Home) ordinance

b. 2018 Review of the Banks Township Master Plan

10. Next Meeting: October 10, 2017

11. Adjournment: