Banks Township Planning Commission

Regular Meeting Minutes

6:00 p.m.

Tuesday July 11, 2017

1. Call to Order: by chairman Miles at 6:10

2. Roll/ Recognition of visitors:

Present: Cooper, Miles, Wieland

Absent: Austin, Parafin

Also present, John Iacoangeli, Gene Kasmer, Jarris Rubingh, Marv Rubingh, Lee Wollgast, Nancy Hersha, Irene Shooks

3. Approval of Minutes: Minutes of June 13 2017 minutes will be held until Parafin or Austin is present to clarify a motion on sending the noise ordinance forward

4. Public Hearing (none scheduled)

5. Public comment on non-agenda items: None

6. Response and comment from commissioners: None

7. Reports:

Zoning board of Appeals none

Zoning Administrator: 3 permits this month, couple of other working on.

Township Board representative: highlighted items from the Board meeting

Planning Consultant: Held until old business

8. Old Business:

  1. Transmission and communication towers proposal for ordinance language changes: One question was posed about the need for a permit for a sign, but not for a transmission tower. MMS by Cooper, Wieland, to schedule a Public Hearing on the proposed language for Transmission and Communications Towers and Antenna at the August Planning Commission meeting. MC

  2. Shipping containers as storage units ordinance proposal: MMS to schedule a Public Hearing on the proposed language for Shipping Containers at the August Planning Commission meeting. MC

  3. Short term rental report from Steve Parafin: Steve was absent, so no report

  4. Working group report on progress regarding the sand and gravel extraction SUP

Minutes of that group will be attached to these minutes.

1. Question from Nancy Hersha as to the meaning of a 45 degree slope.

2. Question about whether or not the commission can deny a Special use permit when the applicant has met all requirements. John, planning consultant, stated that it can only be denied if there were extenuating circumstances or unintended consequences.

Don Miles assured the audience that their comments were not being disregarded. Questions about any standing water in the gravel pit…Marv Rubingh replied that there is no gravel pit yet, but the neighboring Elmer’s pit does not have water in it. Work will continues on the finding of facts document.

e. MMS by Joni/Tom that the police power language go to the Township Board for their approval. MC

9. New Business/ announcements/correspondence:

Audience question as to whether or not the commission was going to address mini-houses. The commission has not put it on the agenda because of the crowded time fram

10. Adjournment: Mms by Cooper, Wieland to adjourn at 7:08 Mc