Banks Township Planning Commission

Regular Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2017

6:00 p.m.

  1. Call to Order: by Chairman Miles at 6:00 p.m.

2. Roll/ Recognition of visitors:

Present: Austin, Cooper, Miles, Parafin, Wieland


Also present, Shooks, Veenstra, Heidi Cooper, Tom Cooper, Bruce Vaughn, Julie Waterman, Marv Rubingh

3. Approval of Minutes: MMS by Austin, Parafin to approve minutes with correction on number of 911 calls. Mc

4. Public Hearing when scheduled : none

5. Public comment on non-agenda items:

We are asking for some changes in the Zoning Ordinance, to allow taller towers, looking to get above the tree line. Towers are low impact, installed without heavy equipment coming in. He submitted paperwork for the commission’s considerations. Because the commissioners received it just before the board meeting, commissioners will look at it and discuss at a later date

Owns property on the corner of Best and Coeling Rd. The size of the parcel is less than 5 acres, but she would like to have a small self-sustaining farm. Because her property was changed from Ag to Mobile Home, she is required to have more acreage to do what she wants. She was advised that seeking a variance may be the best option.

Submitted an application for a Sand and Gravel Extraction operation on Six Mile Lake Rd. Public hearing will be scheduled.

Expressed concerns about temporary and permanent towers being placed by COLI, in Banks Township, without permits. He felt everyone should have to play by the same rules, and COLI is not complying with the zoning ordinance. Zoning Administrator has been in contact with COLI, informing them that they have to comply.

6. Response and comment from commissioners:

7. Reports:

Zoning board of Appeals: meeting scheduled for Thursday Mar 16 at 5:30

Zoning Administrator: Has been contact with COLI. They have started filling out paperwork for towers

Someone is interested in purchasing the Atwood CRC church, looking at putting a dwelling in the basement, and an antique store on the main floor.

Township Board representative:

Planning Consultant: 3 potential candidates will be interviewed (hopefully) the last week of April

8. Old Business:

A Noise Ordinance – Commissioners urged to continue review of other township’s ordinances and decision on next steps. Township Board feels that enforcement of any language should come from the county, not the Zoning Administrator. We will take further action after we have a Planning Consultant

  1. PC Planning Consultant update: interviews should be happening soon

  2. Update on Short Term Rental guideline development: Parafin has been in contact with Donna Heeres about an independent self-governing board for short term rental. Will continue to consider, but no action will be taken until new planning consultant is available. Parafin will continue as point person.

  3. Decision regarding a public hearing on the Greenbelt ordinance: Public hearing will be scheduled for minor change suggested by Antrim County Planning Commission.

9. New Business/ announcements/correspondence:

a. Addition of “Transmission and Communication Towers (Commercial), Public Utility Microwaves and Public Utility TV Transmission Towers” as a use subject to special approval in the Agricultural district regulations (6.01.3). Consider material provided by Cherry Capital, and work with Planning Consultant for language change

b. Decision regarding April 11, 2017 meeting: because of lack of quorum, April’s meeting is cancelled

c. MTA training, May 24 in Gaylord: Parafin, Wieland, Miles, and possibly Cooper will attend. Miles will notify Clerk.

c. Township Focus magazine: Miles felt it was a great magazine, and will talk to Clerk about more members getting copies.

10. Adjournment: at 7:30 p.m.

____________________________________________ ______________________________________

Joni Wieland, secretary Irene Shooks, rec/sec